90-day trial period set to bring change to businesses in Waikato

Posted by : HGB on June 11, 2018 10:48 pm

The New Zealand Government’s decision to restrict the use of the 90-day trial period for large businesses adds an extra dynamic for many Waikato organisations. We take a look at what this change means.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced businesses with more than 19 employees would be severely restricted with the use of the 90-day trial period. Businesses with less than 19 staff members would still be able to implement the trial period.

Carmel Strange, Asset Recruitment’s manager and temporary recruitment consultant, says it’s one of the new Government’s initiatives her team had been keeping an eye on. “We follow any changes to employment-related legislation closely and this change affects many businesses in Waikato, especially those that viewed the 90-day period as a safety-net in their recruitment processes.”

But Carmel does see a silver lining in the Government’s changes. “This is as an opportunity for all businesses to reflect on their existing HR and recruitment processes. Utilising the services of a reputable recruitment company ensures robust processes are followed which reduces the risk of bad hires.”

“After 25 years in the recruitment business we have a pretty good idea of what makes a good employee,” she says.

Carmel believes businesses can navigate the changes by looking for candidates with the ‘right fit’. “Skills and experience are still an important part of any candidate but finding candidates who fit the culture of the company can help businesses ensure the right person is chosen for the job. Hard skills can be taught; soft skills not so much.”

But Carmel says businesses must also take responsibility for creating a company culture that new employees are comfortable in. “We say to our clients that the success of a company’s culture revolves around communication, collaboration and celebration. Get these right and employers will notice greater teamwork, productivity and staff retention.”

While the 90-day trial period is still available for businesses with less than 19 employees, Carmel says these organisations shouldn’t rest on their laurels. “Hiring the wrong person for the job can impact on the wider team. No-one wants to hire the wrong candidate, that’s why we work closely with all our clients to ensure we find the right candidate for the job.”

This article was first published in the Waikato Business News, February 2018.

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