Finding the right fit

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When Andy Campbell was looking for his next challenge, he found it with the help of Waikato’s leading recruitment company, Asset Recruitment.

Andy Campbell likes to stay ahead of the curve. He believes it’s a necessity for both businesses and employees to achieve success. As an experienced Aggregates Manager, Andy was facing limited growth opportunities in his role, so knew it was time to start looking for his next challenge.

That opportunity came with Blue Pacific Minerals. Located in the heart of South Waikato, the company is New Zealand’s largest processer and distributor of zeolite and perlite ore for domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Although the history of the company dates back to the early 1990s, Blue Pacific Minerals, as it is now known, has been in operation since 2006. It’s still a relatively young player in the market when compared with Andy’s previous company, which has been in operation since the late 1800s, but still offered opportunities that caught Andy’s eye.

The ideal candidate

Judy Davison, Asset Recruitment’s permanent and executive recruitment specialist had been tasked with finding an experienced Sales and Marketing Director with industry experience for Blue Pacific Minerals.

“The company is in a very niche market but it operates on a global scale,” says Judy. “This meant we were looking for a candidate who had international experience – someone who knew and understood the global market, but at the same time, someone who would feel at home working in small town New Zealand.”

That someone turned out to be Andy.

“Andy fitted the role because of his experience, management skills and commitment. He was driven and motivated to join an innovative company with a big future,” says Judy. “Being such a critical role, we undertook a global search. We were fortunate to attract some strong overseas interest; however, after a lengthy and robust process, Andy proved to be the best suited applicant.”

An easy process

Andy found the challenge he was looking for and spent the first few months in the job getting his head around the markets in which Blue Pacific Minerals operate in.

Of his experience with Asset Recruitment, Andy says the company was a pleasure to work with. “Of all the recruitment companies I’ve encountered, the team at Asset was very natural. They were low-key and not at all threatening. It made the job application process very easy.”

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