An asset in a recruitment partner

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Greg Crawford wasn’t looking for a recruitment service provider, he wanted a recruitment partner, and that’s exactly what the GM of Orion Haulage and Actus Transport found in Asset Recruitment.

Asset Recruitment has established itself as Waikato’s leading recruitment company, and Greg Crawford can understand why. Having experienced both sides of Asset’s recruitment operations, Greg wouldn’t use any other recruitment firm in Hamilton.

“I first encountered Asset when I moved to New Zealand and Judy placed me in a GM role here in Waikato. It wasn’t a big company but it was a full-on role with quite significant challenges. After 15 months in the role, I had made the necessary changes to the business so I was ready for my next challenge. Judy placed me again in the role I’m still in now as GM of Orion Haulage and Actus Transport.”

Understanding the industry

Greg’s experience as a job seeker with Asset Recruitment gave him insight into how Judy and the company operate, so when it came time to recruit employees he knew where to turn too.

“Judy knows what I need. She has a very good understanding of the industry and knows what we want for each position we are hiring for. We share a lot about our business with Judy so she knows the profile of the people we want. She knows our strategy, she knows what we’re doing and she knows the kind of culture we have as a business.”

Judy’s knowledge, of both the industry and Orion Haulage, has developed by staying in close contact with Greg and business owner, Glen Mackay. “Our relationship is very much a partnership situation. I am part of their business planning and have an awareness of what is coming up within the company. This is very much a result of the team sharing information with me which enables me to plan for the company’s recruitment needs.”

This involvement with Orion Haulage has also given Judy an understanding of the company culture and leadership style, which helps her find people with the right fit.

External recruitment support

As a GM, Greg says he wasn’t looking for a recruitment service provider, he wanted to find a recruitment firm with which they could establish a partnership.

“I think of Judy as our recruitment account manager,” says Greg. “We have a very good relationship with Asset Recruitment which is beneficial for us both. When we’re hiring, I speak with Judy two-to-three times a week to keep up to date on how the hiring process is going. The rest of the time we tend to touch base once a month, just to keep that relationship going.”

Since Greg took the role at Orion Haulage, Judy has filled eight roles across the company, from a workshop manager to despatchers, senior operations manager and office staff. “In our industry, we need a balance of a particular skillset with an attitude that will fit our company culture,” Greg says.

“Judy understands that. Because she knows what our business is like, she can determine whether a potential employee will be the right fit. And she keeps us informed along the way. She’s very straight up and will tell us if it’s going to be a tough position to fill.

“She delivers a tremendous service in a very tough environment.”