An honest approach to recruitment

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When Sam Ware moved to Hamilton on her own with nine-month old twins, the experienced HR professional needed more than a job, she needed a recruitment company that understood her requirements.

Sam Ware has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of HR, working for both businesses and as an independent consultant. So, when she moved to Hamilton seeking employment opportunities that would fit around the demands of being a mum to nine-month-old twins, she found in Asset Recruitment a company that spoke her language.

“Yes, I did have a list of clear requirements when I first spoke with Asset Recruitment,” recalls Sam “I was looking for a family friendly organisation which would enable the flexibility I needed. I had come from working at Air New Zealand, so had a good breadth of HR skills. Judy took account of my skillset but also my requirements and matched me beautifully.”

That was 12 years ago.

Today, Sam is a regular client of Asset Recruitment but the shoe is now on the other foot. As Director of HR on Tap and HR Manager for Hospice Waikato, Sam turns to Judy and Carmel when she has recruitment needs.
“I have absolute trust in Judy and Carmel and the team at Asset Recruitment. They really get to know their clients well and to understand the culture of a business. They make sure the candidates they are putting forward are the right fit for the organisation.”

Sam also appreciates the honest approach to the recruitment service Asset provides. “If they don’t have someone they don’t send me just anyone,” she says. “They give me really transparent feedback. I never get a sales pitch from them and if we can’t find the right fit there’s never an issue if we have to go back to the drawing board.”

Asset Recruitment’s knowledge of the current employment market is another reason Sam turns to Judy when she’s seeking candidates. “I do use Asset as a sounding board because they understand the market. They have a good idea of what the market is like, what skills are in short supply, what the market is paying for different positions and what I can expect,” says Sam.

“Their strong networks mean they are very well connected in Waikato. They are also in regular contact with candidates who aren’t actively looking but who want to be shoulder tapped when the right job comes along.”

For Sam, working with Asset Recruitment makes her job easier and she wouldn’t go anywhere else. “Asset is the only recruitment company to use in the market. The team is extremely professional and fabulous to deal with,” she says.