Sue Danner

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A chance encounter while indulging in some retail therapy was the beginning of a fruitful relationship between Sue Danner and the team at Asset Recruitment in Hamilton.

Sue Danner was in need of some retail therapy. When the experienced project manager moved from the West Coast of the South Island to Hamilton seven years ago, finding employment wasn’t just a priority, it was a necessity.

Despite contacting all the recruitment agencies she could find in Hamilton, she had been left disappointed.

“I had been a professional temp in Wellington so I knew the standards I was expecting, but none of the agencies I met with came close. I was extremely disappointed so went out for some retail therapy. As I got talking to the woman behind the counter and told her of my woes, she said I needed to speak with Carmel [Strange, Manager and Temporary Recruitment Consultant at Asset Recruitment].

“I spoke with Carmel that day and a couple of days later, she had found me work.”

Carmel recalls meeting with Sue and immediately thinking Sue was going to be an excellent temping candidate. “Sue is upfront and of very high calibre so I knew that she would be able to hit the ground running in whichever work environment I placed her, and that’s important for clients. They’re paying from the moment the temp arrives; there is no time for training but with Sue, she could pick up a role and run with it.

“To be honest, I wondered how long I would have her [as a temp candidate] because I knew she would easily find permanent employment.”

The right approach

It was Asset Recruitment’s approach of taking the time to get to know Sue that has left a lasting impression and provided the foundations of a beneficial relationship for both parties over the years.

“In the beginning, I needed to take any job Carmel could get me. I needed to work then and there and temp roles enabled me to get a feel for the Waikato. It was very different to the West Coast and came as a bit of a shock to the system,” says Sue.

“But over time I’ve become more targeted about what I take. I prefer roles that progress me. I excel in and enjoy roles relating to customer-engagement, although it was the chance to roll out one of my favourite systems which roped me in to my current position,” Sue laughs.

Since coming to the Waikato and being introduced to Asset, Sue has gone down a different career path that she hadn’t considered previously. “That’s come about from conversations I’ve had with Carmel. She asked some really good questions about me, about what I’m doing and about what I want.”

Asking a candidate what type of role he or she has applied for gives Carmel valuable insight into what they want and the type of skillset they have. “Sue had lots of transferable skills so I was able to propose different companies for her to work with. I also look at where the market is and in Sue’s case there were opportunities relating to a growth in the health and safety sector. Sue is very detail oriented so I was confident she would make a success of positions in that industry.”

Asset Recruitment’s honest approach is something Sue values about the team. “I always get good feedback,” she says. “They know what to do with me and they have my interests at heart. A good working environment is the most important thing to me and they understand that. They also know work satisfaction and a flexible working environment are my other priorities.

“In the seven years I’ve used Asset Recruitment, they’ve never failed to keep me employed.”

Ongoing relationships

Sue believes a major strength of Asset Recruitment is their relationship management. “They are very good at it but they work hard at it too,” Sue says. Asset’s knowledge of the industry has also earned them Sue’s respect. “Temporary contract roles are always negotiable,” explains Sue. “Carmel has a good handle on the threshold and what is acceptable to both parties. She knows the people she’s working with.”

The relationship has worked both ways. In placements where Sue has required team members of her own, she’s known exactly where to turn to for good staff.  “We’ve developed a reciprocal relationship,” says Sue. “I’m always referring people to them and hiring staff through them when needed. I highly recommend Asset to clients or contractors looking for work.

“Asset is a great name. They really are an Asset to the Waikato.”