Temporary investment returns permanent results

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When SVS Veterinary Supplies employs a temporary candidate for a role, the team’s goal is to keep them. “Whenever possible, we like to see our temps become permanent employees,” explains SVS Veterinary Supplies’ Human Resources Coordinator, Shauni Courtney.

That’s why finding the right candidate is important. And why, when SVS Veterinary Supplies needs quality industrial candidates, Pearl Parsons, Asset Recruitment’s Industrial Recruitment Consultant, gets a call.

“Pearl and I communicate really well,” says Shauni. “She takes the time to listen and find out exactly what we’re looking for in a candidate. She comes out on site and spends time with us, and will always find us good quality people to take up a role.”

“Pearl will always do her best to send through the best.”

From candidate to client

Shauni knows the time and effort Asset Recruitment takes to place a candidate – she was once a temp herself. After graduating from the University of Waikato with a BCom in HR and Management Communication, Shauni was looking to take the first step in her career.

Carmel Strange, Asset Recruitment’s Manager and Temporary Recruitment Consultant, found it for her.

“Carmel placed me in a temp role with Fonterra at its Canpac plant. Getting reception and administration experience in a corporate environment was really valuable,” says Shauni. “When you’re first out of university, it’s hard to find that experience, but Carmel was really helpful and found me a few options to choose from. She always kept in touch.”

When Shauni joined SVS Veterinary Supplies, she reconnected with the team at Asset.

Good relationships, great retention

“Asset has really good relationships, both with their clients and their candidates,” says Shauni.

“And we ensure that continues here on site. When Pearl selects possible candidates for a role, we’ll interview them, take them on a tour of SVS Veterinary Supplies, and pair them up with one of our team, so they can find out what it’s like here. Pearl plays an important role in that, presenting us with the right potential candidates to begin with, and she does that by knowing what we’re looking for.”

“There’s a really high level of trust between the SVS team and I, and that helps me to find the right candidates for them,” adds Pearl.

“SVS is a great company that really looks after its people. Temps are quickly integrated into the SVS team and I’m given insight into what and who is working well. That gives me greater insight into what they need on the ground. At SVS, it’s important temps have an eye for detail and can work quickly but accurately. Knowing and understanding that means I can present them with the quality candidates they need.”

When it comes to placing candidates in industrial temp roles, Pearl says every company is different, but establishing a great relationship with clients enables her to recruit the skillsets required.

“It’s great when clients are really clear on what they want from a temp, and can articulate what they’re looking for at any one time. The team at SVS does that well. I’ve been able to place some high-quality temps with SVS who have become valued permanent staff members. That’s always rewarding.”

“We look to place high quality industrial temps who have the right work ethic and attitude.”

Recommendation of excellence

Shauni’s experience with Asset Recruitment means she doesn’t hesitate at all to recommend them.

“For organisations, looking for reliable temporary workers who can be placed quickly, we would definitely recommend Asset Recruitment. They will always do their best to send the best.”