Contract roles: do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Posted by : Cara Armstrong on November 17, 2021 6:27 pm

Contract roles tend to come with an end date. But does that really mean you should overlook them? In our latest blog, we discuss the opportunities these temporary roles provide candidates and why they shouldn’t be ignored.

There’s a great job advertised. It’s with a reputable company, the description is compelling, and it sounds right up your alley. In fact, it ticks all the boxes… well, almost. There’s a catch. The role isn’t permanent, it’s contract.

You scroll on, looking for the next job that catches your eye. After all, you can’t afford the insecurity of a contract position. Or can you?

Before you rule out a contract role, take a moment and consider the job market we’re in. Unemployment is at a record low level, jobs are plentiful and good candidates are in short supply. Employers are doing anything they can to keep their staff. In other words, it’s a job seekers market.

So, let’s scroll back up and look at that contract role again and consider the plethora of benefits that lurk underneath.

1. Big company benefits

If the contract position is with a large organisation, it’s highly likely another position will come up. This contract role could be a foot in the door. Not only will it give you the opportunity to prove yourself within the organisation, it also gives you insight into this company’s working environment to see if it’s right for you.

2. Parental leave

If the contract role is to cover parental leave, it’s likely the role advertised will be for a period of up to 12 months. That gives you a year to enjoy this exciting role. It also has the potential to be much more.

A lot can happen in 12 months. Will the new parent return full time, or might they be looking for part time work? Could that open up the possibility of a job-sharing arrangement? Maybe they won’t come back at all? If they do, you’ve had a year in which to prove yourself to the organisation, which could result in the creation of a new role to ensure you stay on as part of the team.

Another factor to be aware of is that a large portion of New Zealand’s workforce is at the ‘parental leave’ stage so, if one maternity leave contract ends, another one will likely open.

3. A different type of security

Contract roles are often thought to be less secure than permanent roles but, here at Asset Recruitment, we like to look at them in terms of the opportunities they bring. In the current employment market, good candidates can have their pick of roles, so job security needn’t be a significant concern. As soon as one contract role ends, another begins… and there are plenty more still being advertised.

Let’s compare contract roles with career progression for a moment. In any organisation, ambitious candidates often look for the next step in their career. This may mean they’re only in a role for a year before stepping into a new position. When it comes to contracting, you’re doing the same thing,just with the potential to experience different working environments, different leadership styles, and different industry challenges. All of which contribute to a great portfolio of skills and experience.

4. A taste of temping

What’s your reason for scrolling the jobs advertised section? Are you ready for a new challenge? Has the past year of intermittent lockdowns given you time to reassess your career? Are you looking for a fresh start? This is where contract roles really come into play. They offer you the opportunity to transfer your skills and try different roles before committing to anything permanent or long-term. At Asset Recruitment, we take as much care in selecting candidates for temporary and contract roles as we do matching job seekers and employers for permanent roles. The right fit is so important. A contract role should be as enjoyable as a permanent one.

Consider the contract

Back to that role that was advertised. The one that caught your eye. Does its contract status really put you off? Can you see now the many benefits it offers and that it’s a role worth applying for?

Whatever your reason for looking in the jobs vacant section, give the team at Asset Recruitment a call. We have temporary, permanent, executive and contract roles available in a range of industries, and our team are always happy to help position excellence.


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