Market Update: Waikato’s recruitment scene

Posted by : Carmel Strange on April 30, 2019 10:50 am

CarmelWaikato is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. The number of businesses here continues to grow fuelling a high demand for quality candidates for some of the core office roles essential for the efficient day-to-day running of a business, writes Carmel Strange, Asset Recruitment’s Manager and Temporary Recruitment Specialist.

These core roles are in areas such as accounts, payroll, administration, marketing and operations.

Why the high demand?

According to Statistics New Zealand’s latest findings, we’re in the midst of an “employment boom”. One thing’s for sure and that’s unemployment in Waikato is low, and industry and business in Waikato are growing at a rapid pace – supporting the trend around a demand for core office positions.

Although it is a job-seeker’s market, people are less inclined to ‘job hop’ as they may have in the past.  We’re observing that more and more businesses are understanding the needs of their staff, and the benefits of looking after them. Putting time and effort in to cultivating a company culture that helps retain top talent can foster a desire for employees to remain with the company.

Finding the right fit

At Asset Recruitment we focus on positioning excellence, finding the right candidate for your recruitment needs. Whatever the role you’re looking to fill, we recommend never settling for the third or fourth choice when recruiting for a position. It’ll result in a high staff turnover for your business. Instead, continue to search for the right candidate for your company, even if it means going back to the market with the same advertised position multiple times.

Rather than rushing to fill a role and risking a bad hire – our clients often come to us for a temporary candidate to fill the vacant role. Although a temporary solution, it enables more time to continue with the recruitment process and fills the role in the meantime. We find that regularly our temporary candidates secure permanent employment after establishing themselves in a business while on a temporary placement.

Staying ahead

In our 30 years in business, one of the many things we’ve learnt is that recruitment is an ever-changing industry. Staying on top of the current market trends and being extremely proactive is absolutely essential in the current market.

We know our clients and our candidates well – and know immediately whether someone will be the right fit for the position and work well within a company culture. It’s about moving quickly, and we are more than prepared to reverse-market and bring a quality candidate in front of a client who isn’t currently advertising a vacant role.

That’s how we have created and maintained our reputation as Hamilton’s leading Recruitment Agency.

If you’d like help with your recruitment activities, please get in touch with the team today.

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