Employers urged to reassess recruitment process in tough Waikato labour market

Posted by : Judith Bright on June 14, 2021 2:08 pm

Judith BrightLooking for staff? You’re not alone. With New Zealand’s unemployment rate at an almost record low (4.7% at the end of the first quarter of this year), securing candidates for new and vacant roles is a tough process.

For many companies in Waikato, and indeed throughout New Zealand, migrant workers make up a significant part of the workforce, both in permanent and temporary positions.

But, since COVID-19 closed New Zealand borders, and in light of the Government’s recent budget, not to mention the Economic Minister’s introductory speech about an immigration reset, New Zealand’s migrant workforce is much depleted. Furthermore, temporary work visa changes look set to favour highly skilled migrant workers while the Government encourages businesses to first consider New Zealanders for roles, and to reassess the skills and training on offer.

So, what does that mean for the recruitment sector? And how can organisations gain a competitive advantage in areas/roles where labour is desperately needed?
“It’s going to continue to be tough to find candidates initially, which means businesses will need to reconsider their recruitment strategies,” explains Judith Bright, Asset Recruitment’s Permanent Recruitment Specialist.

“Hiring for a position that may have been filled relatively easily 18 months earlier will be a very different process this time around.”

“We’re encouraging organisations to see this as an opportunity to reflect on their recruitment process, reassess roles and think about what it is they’re looking for in a candidate. Approaching a vacancy differently can open up a pool of candidates who may not have been considered previously. This may call for a wider recruitment reset, which Asset Recruitment can advise and help with, and that’s likely to bring about positive changes in the long run,” Judith says.

Asset Recruitment is also encouraging businesses to evaluate what kind of impression potential candidates may receive of an organisation.
“What does your company brand say about you?” asks Judith.
“How proactive is your communication? Is your company’s public persona reflective of the organisational culture within?
Candidates do have a choice in the current market. How can you ensure they choose to join your team?”

Judith says another factor businesses are up against is the potential brain drain of young and skilled people heading to Australia, now that the Trans-Tasman bubble is open.
“It’s really tough to be an employer at the moment. That’s why we’re encouraging businesses to utilise the services of a recruitment company.
Our team know the market, we have candidates on our database, we can work in with companies to assess their recruitment needs, and we can advise on how to recruit candidates who will fit your company culture. Yes, it’s tougher than ever before to position excellence, but it’s not impossible and our team can provide that solution for you.”

Judith Bright is a Permanent Recruitment Specialist at Asset Recruitment, Waikato’s leading recruitment company for temporary, permanent, executive and industrial recruitment.


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