Recruitment agencies – what I’ve learned

Posted by : Cara Armstrong on March 6, 2019 11:38 am

From her first job straight out of school, employment while on an OE and then a temping role that turned into an eight-year stint as a national manager. Asset Recruitment’s Rachael Griffin, shares her experience with recruitment agencies and what she’s learned along the way.

The dreaded question for all high school graduates, “What do you want to do when you leave school?” There can’t be many people who are sure of their future career at the age of 17.

When I left school, most of my friends were heading to university. I followed suit – applied to five universities, attended interviews and waited patiently. I’d always been the creative type and was intrigued about the world of advertising. The dream of working for Satchi and Satchi was calling to me. The first rejection came, and then another. What was happening? Declined by them all. I was crushed. Unsure about what to do next I realised I’d have to get a job – but how?

My first encounter

I can’t remember how I’d heard about this agency. I made an appointment and went in to their office to see the consultant the next day. It was my first job out of school – a proper job and I wasn’t precious about the work I did. A few computer tests later and before I knew it, I had a full-time permanent entry level role with one of the leading banks in the UK – working in operations. I stayed in this role for a year and loved every second of it. I did end up going to university the following year, but was able to continue with the bank on a casual basis during my four years of study – which certainly helped with the student loan!

A whole different country

Fast forward a few years. I’d got some marketing experience under my belt and was off to live in Vancouver for an OE. All the marketing roles I applied for didn’t want to know me as I was on a working holiday visa. With not much in the means of savings I needed a job pronto, so headed straight to a recruitment agency.

The agency offered me a temping job – with them. I temped with them for four months. I did eventually gain a role in marketing, but my time spent working with the recruitment agency really helped me find my footing in an unfamiliar city. Once my working holiday visa expired, we moved to Australia and travelled there for three months. Again, I registered with recruitment agencies who found me temporary work as we travelled the coast.

The role that shaped me

We finally settled in Perth Australia, which lead me to a recruitment agency who found me a two-week temping role with a national construction company – covering annual leave for a staff member. I took the role, and really enjoyed the work. After the two weeks, they asked me if I wanted to stay on. Of course, I did – and they offered me a permanent role. I stayed with that construction company for eight years, and became the head of their marketing team. I would like to think I’d still be there, had the land of the long white cloud not been calling.

What I’ve learned

A recruitment agency can help you out at any stage in your career.

Particularly an agency such as Asset Recruitment that specialises in in temporary, permanent, executive and industrial roles throughout Waikato.

Don’t be afraid to take the temp role. You never know where it might lead.

When settling in Perth – a two-week temping role turned into an eight-year permanent role that so-far has completely shaped my career, my business network and been an enormous part of my life.

You don’t have to apply for an advertised job.

Agencies have new roles through their doors all the time. Register with them, let them know what you’re looking for, and they will contact you when they find the right role and the right fit. I would never have applied for the first role I had out of school, or the two-week temping role that turned permanent. But learned so much from the experience.

Writing this article has made me realise how much I owe to recruitment agencies. I have used agencies to help with my job search straight out of school, while travelling overseas, once I settled in Australia and now in New Zealand – with Asset Recruitment.

What I’ve learned about Asset in the six months working with them is that they take the time to place you in a role that fits you. It’s not just about your skill set, but your values. They have some great clients across Waikato. All you need is the right attitude, a good work ethic and a great agency to start your search.

No matter what stage you’re at – whether you’re looking for your first job, some temp work or a new permanent role in the Waikato Region make sure you get in touch with Asset.

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