Reliability, resource, and results: Reasons to partner with Asset in 2024

Posted by : Cara Armstrong on May 23, 2024 12:37 pm

Reliability, resource, and results… when the recruitment market is tight, securing reliable candidates with the right skillset of resources who will deliver results for your business can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But, as Carmel Strange, Manager of Asset Recruitment explains, these three “Rs” are reasons to partner with a recruitment agency.

“Recruitment is a balancing act. Businesses need to time their recruitment activities for when resource is required but, when all hands are on deck, shortcuts can be taken. That can result in quality candidates being missed, inaccurate job descriptions, large numbers of unsuitable applicants, and rushed decisions that can have adverse effects down the line. That’s when the expertise and guidance of a recruitment agency pays dividends.”

Carmel says recruitment agencies can take the hassle out of finding, and securing, the right candidate(s) for a business’s needs, providing employers with a reliable recruitment service, expert guidance, and support, not to mention cost savings in the long run.

“At Asset, we partner with our clients to understand their business. We know exactly who our clients are looking for and can recruit candidates who not only have the skillset for a role but align with an organisation’s culture and values. It makes for a seamless experience, not only for the client but for the candidate as well. We also understand current market trends and salary expectations so can help narrow down the search for the right candidate from the outset.”

New Zealand’s current economic climate adds a further dimension to many organisations’ recruitment activities. With costs being looked at across the board, and savings a priority for many businesses, there’s potential for recruitment support to be deemed a ‘nice to have’, rather than a ‘need’.

“What many organisations don’t realise is that partnering with a recruitment agency can actually save time and money,” says Carmel. “Agencies handle the initial advertising, screening, interviewing and reference checking process.  In the current climate we are receiving huge numbers of applications, thus reducing the burden on your internal resources.  At Asset we spend time searching and researching for suitable candidates through LinkedIn and other global platforms,  which can fast-track the recruitment process for many of our clients.  Through the longevity of our recruitment team our networks are well established and broad resulting in our ability to connect with right candidates.

As Waikato’s leading recruitment agency, Asset Recruitment is focused on providing clients with a reliable recruitment experience that delivers results. “The recruitment environment is forever changing, which makes it an exciting industry to work in for us, but can be challenging for our clients,” says Carmel. “That’s a further reason for organisations to seek the support of a recruitment agency.”

“Partnering with an agency can provide a business with access to a wider pool of talent, cost savings, expertise, and flexibility. It’s an effective way to make strategic hiring decisions and ensure the success of your company.”

Seeking to position excellence in your company? Give Carmel and the team at Asset Recruitment a call today.

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