Hiring en masse: the importance of recruitment and induction processes

Posted by : Cara Armstrong on July 18, 2022 2:04 pm

Record numbers of job vacancies and a tough recruitment market have dominated headlines in the first half of 2022, with many businesses experiencing such growth that a single hire is just the tip of the iceberg.

Organisations aren’t just recruiting for the odd replacement or single new employee; rather they’re recruiting multiple team members in a short space of time. That’s certainly been the case for many of Asset Recruitment’s clients, with some employers looking to fill upwards of six roles in any one recruitment drive.

While it’s exciting for companies to experience this kind of growth and injection of new talent, hiring en masse does bring unique challenges. Therefore, it’s essential that companies have solid practices in place, for both recruitment and induction, to ensure a seamless – and successful – hire.

Candidates’ Market

As the market continues to err in the candidates’ favour, Judy Davison, Asset Recruitment’s Executive Recruitment and Business Development Manager, says it’s important for employers to remember what job seekers are searching for. Professional growth and greater salary are certainly high on a candidate’s list, but workplace culture is proving to be the winning element in the trifecta of what candidates are after.

“Their first impression of your workplace culture will likely have resonated with them. Does that culture continue throughout your hiring, as well as your induction, process? Because if it doesn’t, candidates can still leave, such are the opportunities to secure employment elsewhere.”

Testing internal processes

Onboarding multiple candidates at one time, or staggered over a period of weeks or months, can test organisational practices, but these first days on the job are crucial for employee retention.

“Employers must remember, even if they’re onboarding new staff on a regular basis, every new hire needs to be treated as an individual. While the candidate may be the third new team member to join that month, it’s their first day on the job. Don’t be complacent. Give every new hire your time, attention, and the resources they need to not only feel welcome but enable them to do the job you’ve hired them to do.”

Judy says something as simple as ensuring the desk space is set up with new stationery and log in details waiting can really make a difference. “This is a basic expectation but can be overlooked when everyone is busy. Schedule it in or delegate it, but make it a priority – no-one likes to arrive on their first day and feel like they’re an afterthought.”

Top tips for welcoming new hires

Setting up new hires to succeed in your organisation doesn’t have to be difficult. It just requires some attention to detail and the investment of time.

  • Warm welcome: Assign a member of your existing team to greet your new hire by name. Take them for a tour of the premises, give them opportunity to meet their new colleagues, and introduce them via email, so existing staff know who to expect. A welcome gift that reflects your company’s culture and values will also help to show that the first impression they received of your company was the correct one!
  • Workplace buddies: Pair up your recruit with an existing staff member, even if it’s not for the long term, to ensure they have a friendly face to turn to when they have questions and aren’t left wondering!
  • Bring the fun: Think group coffee on the first day, shared morning tea, team drinks to end the week, or have various staff members pair up with them for lunch during the week. Planning the first few days of tasks, induction processes, meet and greets, and initial tasks will give your new hire ownership of their role.

Culture Change

Inducting multiple staff members in a short space of time can also change the dynamics for your current staff. Be aware that new personalities can take time to settle in. That’s where established HR, recruitment, and onboarding processes can prove to be extremely beneficial.

As Hamilton’s leading recruitment company, the Asset Recruitment team is here to help you prepare and implement those processes. With over 30 years of experience positioning excellence in the Waikato, we understand what’s required, not just to recruit excellence, but retain it.

We’re not just a recruitment provider, we’re a recruitment partner and we are invested in your success.

Looking to fill multiple positions? Give the Asset Recruitment team a call today.



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