Remarkable Women

Posted by : Carmel Strange on April 16, 2021 12:13 pm

Manager and Temporary Recruitment Consultant Carmel Strange has been with Asset for almost 30 of those years. “I began my time with Asset as the frontline administrator and very quickly realised I’d fallen into an industry that I love,” says Carmel. “I have always been a person who strives to achieve, and I do not shy away from challenging when I believe there’s a better way to do something.” Carmel says this is encouraged throughout the six strong team of remarkable women that is Asset Recruitment. Executive Recruitment Consultant, Judy Davison has been with the company for more than 24 years. Judy says she believes a big part of Asset’s success is based on building relationships and being extremely particular about finding the right fit for both job-seeker and employer. “Our mantra is to “position excellence” which means as much as it’s about matching the best candidate to the role we’re tasked with recruiting, it’s also about identifying the candidate who is most likely to stay with the company and share their vision.” Asset’s temporary industrial recruitment is run by Pearl Parsons, who sources hard-working staff to fill a range of roles. “Both my area of the business, and Carmel’s area are very fast-paced as we place candidates into temporary roles, often required with not much notice,” says Pearl. “What I’ve found working with the team for just over two years, is that it’s a very supportive environment. Everyone jumps in and helps when needed, plus we have the most amazing admin team that holds it all together.” Frontline Administrator, Aysha Townsend and Recruitment Coordinator, Shaye Tudor have been an integral part of the Asset team for a collective 15 years.

When discussing the current recruitment market, Permanent Recruitment Consultant, Judith Bright says, “It’s challenging at the moment, we’re finding that top talent is hesitant to make a move. Employers are realising and recognising how important it is to foster a positive work environment, look after their teams, and retain their exceptional employees.” “I think there’s also a feeling of company loyalty from employees following the hardships from the global pandemic. Then add to the mix employees may be favouring job security at the moment rather than looking for a new opportunity.” Judith says, from a recruitment perspective it may take a little longer to successfully fill a role compared to the pre-COVID market. “This also means companies looking to hire need to ensure their offering is on-point if they want to convince top talent to make a move to their business.”

Reflecting on the past 12 months, Carmel says, “It hasn’t been an easy ride for any business.” “I believe what’s helped Asset through is the relationships we have with our clients and candidates. Some of these relationships span many years and we are very grateful for their continued support.” She also comments on the support of the Asset team, “We have all worked together, been flexible when adapting to the recent challenges of the market, and been supportive of each other. I am extremely proud of our team and feel truly fortunate to be surrounded by such remarkable women.”

This article first appeared in the Waikato Business News, April 2021.