What’s the Real Cost of Recruiting?

Posted by : Judith Bright on July 10, 2019 9:14 pm

Judith Bright

If you’ve ever been through the hiring process before, you’ll be familiar with what a huge undertaking it can be – and what an impact it can have on valuable business time as well as business finances.

Judith Bright, Asset Recruitment’s specialist in Permanent Recruitment says “it takes six months to get someone up to speed in their new role. If you don’t get it right first time, it can be very costly. Then you’ve got to put more resources into recruiting and training someone new for another six months”.

The hiring process is never an easy one, especially for businesses that don’t have a dedicated recruitment team. Judith says “if you ask any employer to think about the time they spend on recruiting – the initial adverts (placing them in front of the right people), administration of reviewing CVs, time spent interviewing, referencing and undertaking any other checks. All that time spent, multiplied by their hourly rate, plus the time taken away from their normal work, equals a huge cost to their business.”

Judith says that this is why many businesses choose to use a recruitment company to oversee the hiring process. “Asset likes to partner with clients and really get to know their business to ensure that when recruiting – they not only get a skill match, but a culture match too.” They have the ability to simplify the recruitment process for any business. “When we’re presenting possible candidates to our clients – the CV sifting and initial interviews have already been conducted. We’re there to present the top two or three candidates.”

There’s a lot of value in being able to provide a tailored recruitment solution for any business. Asset Recruitment is also able to unbundle their various recruitment services to suit your situation. “We can take care of anything from sitting on interview panels, conducting reference and insolvency checks, drug testing or skills testing. We’re here to be as involved as you need us to be in your recruitment process.”

The real cost of recruiting is when you don’t do it right the first time around.

This article first appeared in the Waikato Business News, May/June 2019.

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