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Posted by : Carmel Strange on October 24, 2019 9:25 am

Carmel Strange

When searching for employment do you often browse past the temporary/contract option? Is it because there’s a stigma around temporary-work or contract-work lifestyle – that it can be unstable, only offer entry-level positions and therefore may be a waste of your time? You might be looking for a specific role that requires a certain skill level or a particular qualification, and so only look at permanent positions because of the uncertainty of where the temporary opportunity may lead.

A variety of roles

I’d like to break down the stigma that all temporary roles are short-term, entry-level positions. Yes, these demographics do make up a percentage of what our clients require, but in today’s employment market we’re seeing a real variety and range of temporary roles. I’ve run the temporary division here at Asset Recruitment for more than 30 years and particularly over the past five years I’ve seen some significant changes in the temping scene. Gone are the days of clients requesting temps for 1-3 days (this does still happen, but very occasionally). Nowadays we mostly recruit for longer term roles, which range from entry-level positions right through to senior management roles.

Recently we’ve had a range of positions to fill from Group Accountants, Graphic Designers, Customer Service Professionals, Accounts Assistants, Receptionists and Recruitment Advisors.

Why should I temp?

Temping is becoming an increasingly attractive option in today’s fast paced work environment. Enabling employees the ability to design a work/life balance that suits their own needs specifically.

We’ve worked with some of our temping staff for many years and a large number of our candidates return to Asset when looking for their next challenge. They may have been travelling or be in-between roles, and temping can be an interim solution until they find the right role for them. Here at Asset, we consider our temping team as part of our own team – an extension of the Asset Recruitment brand. The relationships we develop with our candidates provide us with an understanding of which temporary roles throughout Hamilton and the greater Waikato region might suit their lifestyle, skill set, and personality.

I also see a lot of candidates who are not sure what their next career move will be, so temping is a great opportunity to work with a company or in a role you may not have considered before. The saying ‘try before you buy’ works both ways. And quite often we see temporary positions lead to an offer of permanent employment (if that’s the ultimate goal).

Why our clients require temporary staff

There’s a variety of reasons employers require a temporary member of staff. They may have a particular project that requires a capable staff member with skills in a particular area, they could be looking to expand their workforce for a period of time, or there may be a need to bring on someone temporarily to cover extended leave.

If you’re looking for a change

If you’re looking for a change or would like to try something new, you’re in-between jobs, looking for work during your studies, or returning to work following extended leave, temporary work offers a wealth of opportunities from networking to flexibility of lifestyle.

Though temporary employment may not appeal to everyone – it is certainly a necessity for our clients to have quick access to reliable temporary staff. Next time you’re on the hunt for a new job opportunity, touch base with the team at Asset Recruitment, we’re more than happy to chat about what we can do to find a great fit for you and your lifestyle.

Feel free to contact me directly – or give me a call for a chat.

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