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Job seeking advice

Looking for a new job can be exciting. The prospect of a new challenge, further developing your professional skillset, and having the opportunity to work with a new group of clients and colleagues, can be a momentous occasion.

However, the journey to your new job can be time-consuming and potentially frustrating. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Engaging the services of a recruitment company, like Asset Recruitment, can take the hassle out of your job hunting experience.

As experts in the recruitment industry, our team have put together top tips to achieve job hunting success. From writing an eye-catching CV to preparing for interviews, these top tips will help you win that new job.

  1. Talk to the experts
    At Asset Recruitment, we understand looking for a job isn’t easy. But we have over 30 years of experience doing just that and we know Waikato’s job market. If you’re having difficulty looking for a new job, or simply don’t have the time, speak with one of our recruitment consultants today.
  2. Write a winning CV
    A CV is often the very first impression your potential employer has of you, so make sure it’s a good one. Your CV should include basic information, such as your contact details. Make sure these are easily visible and that your email address is appropriate too. Provide a comprehensive analysis of your job experience history. At Asset Recruitment, we work with Sam Ware at HR on Tap, a CV preparation service to help you compile a successful CV.
  3. Preparation is key
    For many job seekers, the face-to-face interview can be nerve wracking. But you can reduce these nerves with preparation. Research the company you are interviewing with, practice some sample questions, prepare your answers and have a few questions you’d like to ask.
  4. Be patient
    It’s hard waiting but the recruitment process does take time. An employer will most likely to be interviewing several potential candidates before making a decision. However, there is no harm in following up with a positive email, thanking the interviewer for their time.

At Asset Recruitment, our experts will help take the hassle out of your job seeking experience. Register below with the Asset Recruitment team.

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