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Having experienced both sides of Asset Recruitment’s service, Canary Enterprises Limited General Manager, Nic Wetere turns to Hamilton’s leading recruitment company whenever a position needs to be filled.

While many companies manage recruitment in-house, Canary Enterprises prefer to use the services of an external provider. For Nic, this approach adds value and makes good business sense.

“We don’t have the time to do recruitment and we’re not trained in that area. But we’ve found in Asset Recruitment a company that really understands our business. Using the Asset team gives us peace of mind we’re following due recruitment process. They also find us the best quality candidates on the market.”

A preferred supplier

Nic’s first encounter with Asset Recruitment was on the other side of the fence. Having returned to Hamilton after 10 years in the UK, Nic found employment through Asset’s permanent and executive recruitment specialist, Judy Davison. “Judy also placed me in my first role at Canary Enterprises, where I’ve been for six-and-a-half years now,” says Nic.

Prior to Nic’s appointment, Canary Enterprises, a privately-owned manufacturer of value-added dairy and non-dairy products, hadn’t used Asset Recruitment’s services before. But having experienced Asset’s professional approach, and with Nic at the helm, Asset quickly became Canary Enterprises preferred supplier – and have remained so.

“We always have Asset temps in our team on the factory floor here,” laughs Nic. “We use Asset to source us both temporary and permanent staff for roles within customer service, quality control, accounting, factory operations, technical and manufacturing.

“And as the business has grown or we’ve changed or introduced new roles, we’ve relied on Asset to fill those too. Asset has placed all our key management positions.”

The right attitude

Nic says as an entrepreneurial, high-growth company, Canary Enterprises look for staff to fit the company culture. “The right culture and the right attitude are really important. We can teach everything else,” says Nic. But they don’t have to, because Asset shortlist high quality candidates for Nic every time.

“Judy and the team have the customer’s interest at heart, which is both the employer and the candidate. This goes beyond matching just skills and experience. I know when I interview an ‘Asset candidate’ they come to us already screened for fit to the Canary culture.”

This success comes from years of Judy and Nic working on establishing a relationship in which Asset understands the Canary Enterprises Ltd culture.

“Judy is a great sounding board for all the different roles we fill,” explains Nic. “She can confidently advise on what the market is doing, what title we should give that position, salary ranges and fine-tuning position descriptions. I use her for more than just recruitment.”

Judy says the longevity of the relationship between Asset and Canary Enterprises has enabled her to really know and understand every aspect of Canary Enterprises’ operations. “Taking the time to regularly meet with Nic and the team ensures we have a valuable understanding of the critical aspects of their business.

“We’re not just looking for candidates who have the right skills and responsibilities. We’re looking for candidates who have the right fit for the business culture and we will persevere until we get that fit,” Judy says.

“By understanding Canary Enterprise’s vision and the growth and development they’re experiencing as a business, it means as their recruitment provider we can plan for that,” she adds.

Nic says while not every company will choose to use a recruitment agency, she reaps a multitude of benefits from Canary Enterprises’ relationship with Asset and believes there are key things a company should weigh up when making the decision to work with a recruitment agency or not:

  1. Stick to what you’re good at as a business

“Use the experts,” says Nic. “Find an agency you can develop a real relationship with. We know that by using Asset we’re following due process every time we need to hire, not just for us but for the candidate as well.

  1. Weigh up the cost and benefits

“Yes, recruitment agencies charge a fee but you get what you pay for. Weigh up the benefits in terms of the fee. For us, there’s nothing to weigh up. It makes good business sense. Judy and the team take the time and stress out of recruitment, they are not sales people, they are consultants that ensure the long-term fit is right.”

  1. It’s an easy way to get good candidates

“Finding good staff is really hard, particularly as we need certain skillsets,” says Nic. “And the right staff aren’t always looking for jobs either. By using Asset, we can tap into their database and, because they know us, they find the exact type of candidate we’re looking for.”

Nic also encourages companies to use local providers. “As a local company ourselves, working with other local providers is really important to us. It’s another reason why Asset is our preferred supplier. They know Waikato well.”

Judy and the team take the time to understand what it takes to be part of the Canary team, we employ rock stars and they find them!

I have been both a candidate and a client with Asset and found the process to be nothing but honest and professional beyond reproach.