Ethics and values

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At Asset Recruitment, we strive to achieve excellence in all we do. Excellence for our candidates looking for a job; excellence for our clients looking for an A-player to join their team. Whether for a temporary role, or an industrial job, an executive placement or a permanent position, we are committed to matching excellent candidates with excellent clients and we achieve this by working to our ethics and values. We want both sides of the job market to receive a quality of recruitment service that is outstanding.

Our purpose

At Asset Recruitment, we want to lift the recruitment benchmark and deliver excellence for people seeking employment through New Zealand. We want to align them with an outstanding outcome. We want them to have the Asset experience.

Our values

We live and work to our values: excellence, commitment, integrity, teamwork.

Every member of our team has this at the forefront of their mind when working in partnership with our clients and candidates to secure a successful placement. These values are what we have built our relationships and reputation on. It is why we operate with integrity and respect; why we are responsive to the needs of our clients.

At Asset, excellence is our benchmark.