Remarkable Women: Carmel Strange

Posted by : HGB on June 11, 2018 10:50 pm

Carmel Strange

Staying ahead of the competition is what makes Carmel Strange tick and her 28 years experience with Asset Recruitment is part of the reason why the company can compete against national recruitment agencies when it comes to selecting quality candidates.

Carmel Strange, Manager / Temporary Recruitment Consultant, Asset Recruitment

Staying ahead of the competition is what makes Carmel Strange tick. “I’m extremely competitive,” says the experienced recruitment consultant. “I love the fast-paced nature of the environment we work in and the relationships we build with clients and candidates.”

Carmel’s self-confessed competitive streak explains why Asset Recruitment, where Carmel has worked for the last 28 years, is Hamilton’s leading recruitment agency. Though only Waikato-based, Asset Recruitment competes against national providers for recruitment contracts – and much to Carmel’s delight, often wins.

“I always say success comes down to 10 per cent luck and 90 per cent hard work. If you love what you do, the rest will come.”

Passion for the industry

It’s evident Carmel has a passion for her work, but as her reputation for specialising in successful temporary placements shows, she is also extremely intuitive when it comes to matching clients and candidates.

“I do have a memory for people and I can read a situation. That comes naturally, but it means I can place the right people in the right jobs,” she says. “This results in a high number of candidates on temporary placement gaining permanent work.”

So too does sharing her success with her team. “I’ve always made sure I’ve surrounded myself with people who do things better than I do,” says Carmel. “It means we work well together and I think that’s a contributing factor to our successful team and the growth in our business.”

Carmel also has an approach of encouraging any new staff to speak with the existing team, allowing them the opportunity to find out what she’s like as a manager.

Their response? Asset Recruitment’s General Manager is personable, quick, very understanding, open to new ideas and multi-tasks with impressive skill. She has flair, a real presence and an amazing memory for people.

“She’s quite simply a remarkable woman.”

This article first appeared in the Waikato Business News, March/April 2017.

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