Opening the door to opportunity: the benefits of temp work

Posted by : Cara Armstrong on July 17, 2023 11:27 am

From extending your skillset to expanding your professional network, opportunities abound in the world of temping. Carmel Strange, Asset Recruitment’s Temporary and Manager, explains why the current recruitment market is favourable for temps.

“Put your best foot forward”, as the saying goes. And when you’re seeking employment, it’s essential to do just that.

But how do you get your foot in the door to move forward? The answer is temping.

“Temping is an excellent way to get a job in an industry or an organisation that you’re interested in,” explains Carmel Strange, Temporary & Manager at Asset Recruitment. “We have a number of clients taking on temps and many of those candidates end up securing a permanent role in the organisation. It’s a fantastic option for job seekers.”

Temping in a recession

There can be something of a stigma around temping, in particular the perceived insecurity without long-term employment, but Carmel says the benefits of temping far outweigh any such risk. “Temping offers variety for candidates who enjoy experiencing different workplace cultures; it’s an opportunity for job seekers to develop new skills or transfer existing ones into a new industry; and it enables candidates to build their networks.”

Carmel acknowledges that for some candidates, the uncertainty around mortgage interest rates and the tightening of bank lending criteria can mean they’re currently more risk averse than they might previously have been, but still advises job seekers not to rule temping out.

“We have some temporary contracts that provide stability of work for up to two years,” says Carmel. “This provides an excellent opportunity for candidates to establish themselves in an organisation and put work of note on their CV.”

From temporary to permanent

Today’s employment market remains tight, with more roles available than candidates to fill them. This means organisations continue to offer flexibility, benefits, and opportunities for the right temp.

“A lot of companies are encouraging people to return to the office, but they’re also aware that flexibility, the ability to work from home, and negotiable workdays remain important criteria for candidates, even in temp roles,” Carmel explains.

So, who is temping for?

“Temping is ideal for candidates who enjoy new experiences, are motivated to contribute to an organisation, and who are adaptable in different work environments,” says Carmel. “In a tight recruitment market like we’re experiencing at the moment, candidates who want to temp can have their pick of roles. There’s a variety of positions available, length of contracts, and industries to work in.”

Aligning candidates with company culture

At Asset Recruitment, temp roles are considered as carefully as permanent ones, with candidates placed into companies where values, work ethic, and culture align.

“We undertake a robust screening process of all temporary candidates because the position needs to work for both job seeker and employer,” says Carmel. “That often pays dividends for both parties and why so many temporary placements result in permanent contracts.”

Whether you’re considering the world of temporary recruitment or looking for a temporary candidate that delivers excellence in their role, get in touch with Asset Recruitment today.

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