Are you waiting for the ‘perfect’ candidate?

Posted by : Judy Davison on March 4, 2020 12:25 pm

Judy Davison

If you’re finding it challenging to recruit the ‘perfect’ candidate for your advertised position, then you are not alone. Talk to any recruiter in Hamilton and Waikato (even across New Zealand at the moment) and they’d be sure to say the same thing, “the recruitment market remains tight and very competitive”.

But what do we mean by ‘perfect’? And can we blame the absence of the ‘perfect’ candidate solely on the current recruitment market? Of course, all employers want to recruit the most talented and skilled candidates possible. In reality, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find candidates that have-it-all. Which is why it’s so important to find the right balance of flexibility in your position criteria and not be so black and white when it comes to ticking every single box.

Perfect is the enemy of good

The aphorism ‘perfect is the enemy of good’ is something we can apply to almost anything we do, including recruitment. If you have a ridged criteria of the ideal employee and continue to wait for that ‘perfect candidate’ to apply for your advertised role, I might just be about to burst your bubble, {whispers} “they’re pretty rare and you could be waiting a while”. Plus, not to mention the pressure placed on your team by keeping them understaffed for too long – increasing the risk of losing further team members.

Look for potential

Yes, there may be certain non-negotiable requirements and some elements you will not be able to compromise on, but anyone with the right attitude can be taught many of the ‘tick-box’ skills. Consider flexing the job description and exploring a little further to determine the candidate with the most potential. If you find someone who meets most of your key requirements, who has good soft skills and encompasses a range of key attributes, such as work ethic and drive, they will pick up job-specific skills once they start to gain confidence in their new role.  At the end of the day, it’s about finding the best fit for your team and business. Plus, they may bring other skills, innovations or ideas to the mix that would complement the role but were not part of the original position criteria.

My advice. Look that little bit further. “Close, but not perfect” may be the ‘perfect’ decision to make them an offer.

If you’re looking for assistance or advice with your recruitment, do get in touch with our team at Asset Recruitment. We work hard to ‘position excellence’. As much as it’s about matching the best candidate to the role we’re tasked with recruiting, it’s also about identifying the candidate that is most likely to stay with the company and share their vision.

This article first appeared in the Waikato Business News, March/April 2020.

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