Work in the Waikato: what’s on offer for job seekers in Hamilton

Posted by : Cara Armstrong on September 30, 2021 3:03 pm

It has long been said that Hamilton, or more affectionately ‘the Tron’, is the city of the future. And, while it may once (or more than once) have been said in jest, today there’s no denying that the opportunities Hamilton and the greater Waikato offer are worth considering.

From schools to shopping, leisure to lifestyle, Hamilton really does tick many a box, and more so with Waikato’s booming business, commercial, construction and transport economy.

Yes, here at Asset Recruitment, we may be a little biased. After all, our team has been servicing Waikato’s recruitment needs for more than 30 years. But one look at the development, growth and change happening in our region, and it’s time for job seekers to seriously consider joining Waikato’s employment market.

Employment opportunities abound

Strong growth in the region has seen confidence from developers and employers, many of whom continue to innovate and expand. Opportunities from stalwarts, such as Fonterra, LIC, the University of Waikato and WINTEC, continue to attract people from around the country, but new players are also creating a buzz.

Union Square, an exciting new development in Hamilton’s CBD, will bring a world-class, retail, office, and lifestyle space to the heart of the city. The first building, due to be completed by the end of 2021, will be home to AA Insurance and Rabobank, the latter making the move from Wellington.

Judith Bright, Asset Recruitment’s permanent recruitment specialist, says organisations, such as Rabobank, will bring with them significant employment opportunities in an already booming Waikato market.

“Waikato is becoming recognised as a beneficial place for businesses, large and small, to establish a significant presence. We’re close to Auckland, yet have been fortunate to avoid ongoing lockdowns in the COVID-19 climate. We have transport links, many direct, to most parts of the country, and there is land here on which new development can occur, something Wellington doesn’t have the luxury of,” she says.

The Ruakura superhub, a 490hectare development by Tainui Group Holdings, which has been recognised by the Government as a project of national significance, is another exciting development happening in the region and guaranteed to bring many employment opportunities.

Range of roles

Yes, Waikato’s employment market may have an abundance of positions available, but what type of roles and salaries are being offered? The short answer is… everything!

“That’s what is making Waikato such an attractive proposition for job seekers,” says Judith. “Whatever type of role someone is looking for, we can almost guarantee it’s available. From temporary to permanent positions, middle management to executive, we are seeing them all.”

“Furthermore, clients looking for candidates to fill these roles recognise the need to offer competitive remuneration to attract and retain top talent and are doing just that. It’s an exciting place to be,” she says.

Agri-business and more

Long known as an agri-business centre, Waikato still provides employment opportunities aplenty in this sector, but the region is no longer being defined by the dairy farming industry.

“There are tech-start-ups, tourism operators, pharmaceutical manufacturers and financial messaging services making Waikato their operational home,” says Judith. “The range of businesses seeking staff span a cross-section of industries, which provide opportunities for job seekers wishing to progress within an industry as well as those seeking to make the switch to another area for a different challenge.”

Judith also acknowledges the wider offering Waikato provides. “We know candidates aren’t just looking solely at job opportunities; lifestyle, property prices, schools, and overall cost of living contribute to an employment decision. What we’re saying to candidates is that Waikato provides all this and more.”

Looks like the mighty Waikato does indeed boast the city of the future, but don’t just take our word for it. Make the move and find out for yourself!

Looking to move to the Waikato? Speak with Judith and the team at Asset Recruitment for the latest job opportunities in the region. They position excellence across the Waikato in temporary, permanent, executive, and industrial roles.

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